Friday, December 31, 2004

Evil Memes

Somehow, somewhere an evil meme lurks at my office, infecting me over and over.

Every day for nearly two weeks now, at some point the old Wham! song Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go starts playing in my head. Worse, it doesn't even play in the original; in my head, two different versions alternate: a Mexican mariachi band version and Japanese karaoke version.

I don't know what sets this off. I suspect it has to do with the weather which is "chilly," a word from the first phrase of the song. So, perhaps when I think of the temperature or someone mentions it, it sets off the evil that is Wham!

Raid needs to begin making Meme Off. Soon.

(Apologies to Bravus for stealing his idea to link meme to the wiki entry)


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