Thursday, December 02, 2004

Some Abstinence Programs Mislead Teens (ya think?)

This story on the front page of the Washington Post today details how our tax dollars are being used to instill "shame-based, fear-based, medically inaccurate messages" to our children. Wonderful fairy tails about the dangers of becoming pregnant from mutual masturbation and darker stories of how nearly all gay teen boys are HIV positive. I'm so glad that our leaders are concentrating on fucking up the next generation - god knows it's a time consuming job that no one else wants.

These fundi fucks. They talk about being repressed and persecuted. Reading things like this makes me want to repress and persecute them indeed. Actually, I don't want to actively persecute them (much), just be a fly on the wall when their doctor tells them their ignorant as shit daughter is pregnant and has a full blown STD.

They will only change when they experience the consequences of their actions.

Edit: I did too post this before WG did, although I'm pretty sure we both stole it from the Agonist.


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