Monday, December 13, 2004

When is it Time to Leave?

The above is a rather rhetorically heated rehashing (yes, I'm going to alliteration hell) of the new intelligence "reform" bill.

Fuck me with a stick. I mean, it's not like they couldn't already spy on and arrest people without cause then hold them in solitary confinement without legal representation indefinitely - but do we really have to institutionalize it? Is Congress really that shortsighted? or perhaps just really that afraid of the current regime?

Isn't this like the speed limit? You set it at 55 mph hoping people will only do 65 mph? What the hell is 65 mph in this scenario?

I suppose the real question is how bad does it have to get people really start leaving. At this point, I don't personally know anyone who's lost their job or been hustled out of their homes in the middle of the night. I'm wondering if it's going to get to that point.

/inarticulate rant


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