Friday, April 01, 2005


_w.a[wk]lk divine_


This is a, um, poem? Blog post? A bit of some arcane computer script mixed in with random words? As Stongbad might put it, "What, did the quadratic formula explode?" It's mezangelle, written by the artist currently known as ][mez][. "Google mezangelle" for some insight into her work. I especially like the following, not least of which because I can't tell if it's for real or not (although it seems legit):
"An honorary mention goes to "Re (ad.htm" by the Australian artist mez, This entry created a lot of discussion in the jury, and quite dissimilar individual rankings and opinions. "Re(ad.htm" consists of a selection of writings or, to use the artist's terminology, "wurks" that had been posted to several net cultural and arts-related mailing lists. They are highly condensed pieces written in "mezangelle", an invented hybrid language which mixes syntactical snippets of programming languages, network protocols and markup code with the English language. The resulting texts can be read in multiple, often contradictory ways due to their elaborate use of ambiguity and compound ('portmanteau') words noted in rectangular brackets, thus resembling regular and Boolean expressions in commandline programs and programming languages.

In contrast to a merely ornamental code chic, this hybrid language is used to expose and deconstruct the epistemological politics engendered into seemingly "neutral", technical codes. It is poetically dense, involving and difficult, but also humorous. Of course, it is not technically executable code, although the bracketed expressions expand into multiple combinatory output sequences. But above all the mezangelle targets fictitious, fantastic compilers, creating a dream-like imagination of metonymic contiguity between human bodies and machines. Sure, this topic has been spelled out in popular culture and media theory multiple times, but mez succeeds to free it from all cyber-kitsch by tackling it from within, in structure."

- jury for the read_me 1.2 software art award.

(Thanks Mean Old Man)

The review in itself is pretty interesting. There's lots more reviews like these here. But I'd suggest you just get to ][mez]['s site and dig it. I kind of feel like I'm in 9th grade again and discovering e.e. cummings or William Carlos Williams for the first time.


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