Thursday, December 16, 2004

Mass Gov Calls for Police and Citizen Spies

This is exactly what we don't need to become, a fearful nation regarding every transaction with our fellow citizens as suspect.

When people, mostly sarcastically nowadays, say we should or shouldn't do something because that would mean the "terrorists win" they should be thinking about ideas like this one. Radical Islamists and the terrorists and insurgents informed and partly motivated by them don't want to change the US and Europe into strongholds of some idealized and pure Islam. They just want us to leave them alone (although what they'll do to their own countries if "left alone" is another thorny problem). To this extent when they bomb us, they're not trying to win some military victory, but they are trying to change our lives in exactly the way described above: to confuse us into believing every one of our neighbors may harbor dark secrets and even darker intentions.

This technique seems so far to be working pretty well. A little more dissension and confusion at home, a lot more money spent fighting wars afield...and we lose our will to fight them.

And that's what they want and how they plan to win. Until we remove the impetus for them to attack us, this so-called war on terror will continue to bankrupt us and eat our democracy from the inside out like a cancer.


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