Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Cyberpunk Microphones

These are Russian mics available only through the Guitar Center. Their MK 319 model is very, very similar to a Neumann U49, one of the most famous (and expensive) mics in the world - and it retails for less than $200 dollars.

I just got a factory matched pair of MK 012-B's (not shown on the website - you have to order them from the factory, but they look just like the MK 012s) to use as stereo overheads for my drums.

Matched pair in case.

Details of mic and (hyper) cardioid capsules.

But, the coolest thing was the Russian manual:

With what I think (it's been 18 years since I studied any Russian) to be factory certification that this is a matched pair; meaning, the mics have nearly identical frequency response curves, i.e., they will record sound the same way to give a nearly true stereo image.

The hand graphed frequency responses.


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